Premières and other selected performances 

16-20 August 2018 The Tumbling Lassie and Fergus of Galloway, Edinburgh Studio Opera, Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh 4.15pm, book tickets here.

26 May 2018 The Painter's Eye, A Time of Gifts, Consort of Voices, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, 6pm.

13 May 2018 The Loch Ness Monster, Junior Conservatoire, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

14 April 2018 The Tumbling Lassie, Edinburgh, (première).

24 March 2018 Scotland at Night, Calton Consort, Edinburgh, 7.30pm.

15 March 2018 Scotland at Night, Divertimento, Dale Street Church, Leamington Spa, 7.45pm.

10 March 2018 Birichen Burn, Clashmore Wood, Fleuchary Park, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 7.30pm.

10 February 2018 Birichen Burn, Clashmore Wood, Fleuchary Park, Forfar (première).

10 December 2017 Journey through Space, Colinton Orchestra, Edinburgh, 7.30pm.

9 December 2017 Sir Christèmas, Edinburgh Singers, Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, 7.30pm.

2 December 2017 Scotland at Night, Dundee University Choir, Caird Hall, 7.30pm.

19 August 2017 Scotland at Night, Consort of Voices, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, 6pm.

17 June 2017 Scotland at Night, Michelmas Singers, St Peter's Church, Stockton-on-Tees, 7.30pm.

21 May 2017 Journey through Space, Falkirk Tryst Orchestra, Falkirk Town Hall, 7pm.

4 February 2017 Edinburgh Suite, Tayside Symphony Orchestra.

7 January 2017 Songs of Solomon, Glits, Scottish Arts Club, 12noon.

30 October 2016 Tartan Terrors, RSNO and Junior Chorus, Usher Hall, 3pm.

25 September 2016 The Painter's Eye, i dodici, Göttingen, Germany.

4 September 2016 A Time of Gifts, Chansons, Perth Concert Hall, 7.30pm.

22 July 2016 A Time of Gifts, Sollerön, Sweden.

24 June 2016 The Language of Love, Brussels Madrigal Singers, Brussels, Belgium (première).

11 June 2016 Songs of Solomon, Glits, Calum Robertson (clarinet), Leigh Ann Fraley (piano), Lauriston Hall, Edinburgh (première), 7.30.

23 April 2106 The Painter's Eye, Accord Singers, West Yorkshire.

29 March 2016 Tartan Terrors, Voicemale, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Perth Concert Hall, 1.30pm (première).

24 March 2016 Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock, Douglas Academy, 3.30.

6 December 2015 Esta Noche, St. Thomas Christmas Concert, Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, USA, 4 and 7.30.

21 November 2015 Journey through Space, Open Orchestra, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, 7.30 (première).

21 August 2015 Love over Scotland (for tenor and wind quintet), Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, 3pm (première).

28 June 2015 Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock, Hallé Orchestra and Hallé Children's Choir, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 3pm.

28 June 2015 Scotland at Night, Edinburgh Singers, Cathédrale américaine, Paris, 4pm.

9 December 2014 Songs of Edinburgh, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, (première).

6 December 2014 Edinburgh Suite, Open Orchestra, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh (première).

15 August 2014 To a Goose, Triplicity, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (première).

3 May 2014 Five Auden Songs and A Scottish Four Seasons, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh (première).

10 December 2013 Fergus of Galloway, Edinburgh Studio Opera, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh (première).

12-17 August 2013 The Okavango Macbeth, Edinburgh Studio Opera, Edinburgh.

20-30 March 2013 The Okavango Macbeth, Artscape, Cape Town.

4-15 August 2012 A Tapestry of Many Threads, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh (première).

26 May 2012 Going for Gold (version with orchestra), RSNO Junior Chorus, City Halls, Glasgow.

5 April 2012 Going for Gold, NYCoS National Boys Choir, Perth Concert Hall (première).

16, 20, 21, 22, 23 December 2011 Merry Christmas Jazz, RLPO and Chorus, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

15, 17, 18 December 2011 Three Spanish Carols, RSNO and Chorus, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh.

8 May 2011 Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock, 700 singers from the National Youth Choirs of Scotland, Orchestra of Scottish Opera, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.

20-21 April 2011 The Okavango Macbeth, Mr McFall's Chamber, The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh.

21 May 2010 The Saga of the Seven Days, RSNO Junior Chorus and Orchestra, Glasgow.

18-20 December 2009 A Time of Gifts, Cappella Nova, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness (première).

3 October 2009 The Okavango Macbeth, Botswana (première).

15 August 2009 Scotland at Night, The Painter's Eye, Laudibus, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh (launch of Delphian CD).

23 June 2009 Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock, London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican (London) and Northern Sinfonia, Sage (Gateshead) (simultaneous premières of version with orchestra).

13-15 March 2009 The Painter's Eye, Cappella Nova, Dumfries, Dundee and Glasgow (première).

8 April 2008 Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock, NYCoS National Boys Choir, Edinburgh (première).

21-22 December 2007 Scotland at Night, Cappella Nova, Glasgow and Edinburgh (première).

15 April 2006 The Saga of the Seven Days, NYCoS National Boys Choir, Perth (première).